Friday, November 11, 2011

Homemade Oreos: Will Bake for Food

This will come as no surprise – I love to bake. The act of baking is meditative and relaxing for me, it centers me, and if I haven’t baked in a while then I tend to feel a bit unbalanced. All is well in my world when flour is flying and butter is softening!

Even more special than baking, though, is sharing the goodies with my family, friends and anyone who appreciates a homemade treat.

So when I learned about the Will Bake for Food bake sale I was excited to join in. I get to bake and share for a good cause. On Saturday, November 12th, a group of Seattle food bloggers will be baking up sweet delights for the community – you! – so come by and indulge.

Please bring either non-perishable food items or money to exchange for baked goods. I promise you will not be disappointed! All the proceeds and food donations will benefit Seattle’s Emergency Feeding Program.

I’ll even tell you what I’m baking ... homemade Oreos! Buttery, chocolate cookie sandwiches with a creamy filling – this childhood favorite never looked so good. When I discovered Joanne Chang’s recipe for these nostalgic cookies, they sounded fun and decadent.

Sam and Isaac were happy to assist with quality control and packaging. I can’t wait to share them on Saturday! (I just hope we don’t sneak too many before then.)

This event was a hit last year and sold out within the first 90 minutes. Please come early and bring your sweet tooth. I hope to see you there!


  1. I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing, but I saw homemade oreos in the title and wondered if it was from Chang's cookbook! (Never made them but not surprised they were a success). Great cause, my family has been helping out at the neighborhood food banks in Seattle over the years.

    You know your baked goods, Sara! Don't worry - it's a good thing. :)

    Tell your family about the bake sale - maybe they can stop by.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. These look so great! How do I get invited to these things?

  4. These look amazing, and I love the idea of the community bake sale!

  5. @B
    Thank you, B! I read about Will Bake for Food and contacted them to join in. It was a big success, so will definitely be happening again next year. So many creative treats...and I ate way too many.

  6. @katherinemartinelli
    Thank you, Katherine! The bake sale was a lot of fun and very successful. I think it will become an annual event, which makes me happy. Time to detox (again!) from all the sugar.

  7. I sure wish I lived closer and could have gone to the Bake Sale. These cookies look so good!!

    Thank you! I wish you were closer, too - it would be fun to have you join in. The bake sale was a big success!

  9. So great meeting you at the event. I have to say, I was fortunate enough to taste one of these beauties and they are delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Hope to see you at a future event! :)

  10. @a Big Mouthful
    Thank you so much, Adrienne! I look forward to seeing you again, too. Happy Monday to you!

  11. What a fantastic idea & those Oreos look terribly good :)

  12. @Mairi@Toast
    Thank you, Mairi! It was a terrific event and I just loved the creative array of treats that people baked (and the cute packaging!).


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