Monday, October 31, 2011

Butternut Squash French Toast (a.k.a. the Morning-After-Rocky-Horror Toast...)

I’ve had toast on my mind this past week, specifically toast for the Halloween weekend showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show at the old Admiral Theater in West Seattle. Last Halloween, our family (including Mohammad, our exchange student from Saudi Arabia) joined friends for the midnight Rocky Horror show. We had a blast! We sang along and danced the Time Warp and threw rice, toast, playing cards and rolls of TP. (Friendly reminder from the staff at the Admiral Theater: “Remember to throw the TP up and back!”) All of the parents in our group were transported back to high school and college days; I can’t tell you how many times I saw Rocky Horror at the Harvard Square theater in Cambridge, MA! The kids were somewhere between entertained, shocked and mortified. Mohammad took it all in stride... another day in America, I guess.

As I assembled our prop bags for this Halloween’s showing, I began to think about what I could cook with a fun Rocky Horror theme for our house guests visiting for the weekend. A rice dish? Or how about toast? Since I’d be serving breakfast on Sunday morning after the show, French toast seemed the perfect choice. And, of course, I had to make it seasonal so I created a version with butternut squash.

Happy Halloween!

[Unfortunately, illness struck our household over the weekend and we didn’t make it to the midnight showing. So bummed! But we still enjoyed this French toast and sang along to the Rocky Horror sound track. We’re all back on track this Monday morning. Next year at RHPS!]

Butternut Squash French Toast
Serves 4

1 pound loaf of challah or other egg bread
3/4 cup butternut squash puree (either canned or from roasting and pureeing a squash)
1/4 cup milk
3 eggs, lightly beaten
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 tablespoons maple syrup, plus more for serving
Butter for the frying pan
Cinnamon for sprinkling

Slice the loaf of bread into 8-10 slices (depending upon the length of the loaf).

In a large mixing bowl, stir together the squash puree, milk, eggs, vanilla and syrup. Dunk each slice of bread into the mixture and coat. Stack the slices in the bowl and spoon any liquid over the bread. Leave to soak for half an hour.

Melt some butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Place 3-4 slices of soaked bread in the pan and fry until golden brown. Flip and fry the other side until golden. Turn the heat down if it’s cooking too fast or getting too dark.

Remove the French toast slices to an oven proof pan and keep warm in a low oven. Repeat frying with the remaining slices. When ready to eat, sprinkle with cinnamon and serve with maple syrup.


  1. So fun!! I love Rocky Horror! I used to go to midnight showings in the East Village. Sorry to hear you guys weren't feeling well, but seeing as how you got to enjoy this amazing looking French toast seems like things weren't all that bad ;-)

  2. French toast is the perfect accompaniment to Rocky Horror! Sorry you didn't make it! I've never been to a midnight showing, but I went to a theatre version that starred a lot of people I knew from when I did community theatre in Oklahoma City--that was a lot of fun! I had been in The Taming of the Shrew with both "Brad" and "Frank-n-furter."

    I think Paul might agree to eat butternut squash if it's got french toast and maple syrup! He claims not to like butternut squash... I love it in all forms, though!

  3. @katherinemartinelli
    Thanks, Katherine! It was disappointing to miss the show, but we still had fun in the end (and listened to more Rocky Horror at our Halloween party last night).

  4. @Lauren
    That's so cool you did community theatre, Lauren! I'll bet the theatre show of Rocky Horror was lots of fun.

    I hope Paul (and you) enjoy this French toast - I, too, love butternut squash (I made a butternut squash, coconut milk and banana soup for our Halloween party last night - really good, and not too "squashy" in flavor).

  5. Somehow I have missed he RHPS. It sounds like fun and love he image of your exchange student follow along. The French toast sounds delicious. I have always kept my French toast rather plain, but I think I will give this a try.

    It was pretty comical to see our exchange student at the show - he even went up on stage with the other "virgins" (those who haven't seen the show yet). He was very open to new experiences!
    I hope you enjoy the French toast!

  7. Oh no! I'm sorry you missed it. It sounds like such a fun tradition. At least you got to eat this fabulous french toast. I hope you guys are feeling better. I know the sick bug has hit my house really hard too. Lets hope Seattle kicks all the sickness to the curb for the rest of winter. Good idea, don't you think?

  8. @Mikaela Cowles
    Oh, I'm sorry to hear you've had illness in your household, too. Ugh - it's too early in the season for it! I hope you are doing better, and yes...great idea to kick it. Be well!

  9. Sorry you did not make it to the midnight showing! Love this french toast- the combination of challah and butternut squash sounds amazing!

    Winnie @HealthyGreenKitchen

  10. @Winnie
    Thank you, Winnie! We were bummed to miss the show, but still enjoyed the weekend and our guests.

    Have a good weekend!

  11. Oh my, love the addition of butternut squash!!! Never seen that done down these ways. Yum.

  12. @my darling lemon thyme
    Thank you, Emma! I love butternut squash and try to add it wherever possible when autumn arrives. Just saw a butternut squash crisp that looks like a delicious, low sugar dessert - must try it!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Hi Hannah, Oh that does bring back memories!! I certainly remember doing the time warp! Loving all these new ideas for squash that I can stash away for next Autumn here in NZ.

  14. @Mairi
    Hi Mairi, isn't it amazing how we can be transported back in time? I felt like I was back in college again. So much fun!


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