Monday, October 17, 2011

Book Larder Opens in Seattle!

Hooray! Last Wednesday, Seattle’s first cookbook shop, Book Larder, opened in the Fremont neighborhood. I’ve been counting down ‘til opening day and could not be more excited! Seattle has such a terrific food scene and to now have a store devoted to selling cookbooks and food-themed writing is a welcome (and, dare I say, long overdue) addition.

I popped in for a visit and let out a deep sigh upon seeing the shelves lined with cookbooks. Heavenly! This is such a sweet space, open and airy with beautiful turquoise walls and a helpful and welcoming staff. I slowly meandered, taking it all in.

The shelves are filled with books ranging from pickling to baking to gardening to memoirs. There are rare, vintage books and imported titles mixed in with current publications.

There are classics such as this

new favorites like this one (the best doughnuts in Seattle!)

and check out these two!

Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies with Theo’s cocoa nibs drew me to the back of the shop.

Here there is an inviting open kitchen which will be used for cooking classes and demonstrations. An amazing list of classes and author events is already scheduled. I’m attending a dark chocolate tasting event with Cook’s Illustrated’s Jack Bishop which promises to be a delectable evening. Sigh ... I could use a chocolate tasting this very moment!

If you live in Seattle or plan to visit, I highly recommend a stop at this cook’s paradise. Who knows what you will be dying to make after perusing Book Larder's amazing selection of cookbooks? Stuffed pumpkin is now inspiring me - more details on Wednesday!


  1. I am so excited to go there! I live in Tacoma and my next trip to Seattle, I'll be paying a visit...and buying lots of cookbooks!

  2. oooh fun! i just got back from omnivore books in san francisco. so many temptations!

  3. On the list for my next visit...

  4. I heard about this place on the radio this weekend. Too cool! I'm going to be downtown this weekend, I may have to add an extra stop... =)

  5. @vanessa vichit-vadakan
    Hi Vanessa! I have to visit Omnivore next time I'm in great you are nearby it. :)

    I think you'll enjoy it, Sara! Do you know when you are visiting next? Keep me posted. :)

  7. @a Big Mouthful
    I hope you enjoy the shop! And there are some terrific spots in the area for lunch or dinner, too. Have fun!

  8. @B
    Hi B! Yes, definitely add a stop... it's a treat!

  9. Oh wow! Looks amazing. Love the kitchen especially :-)

  10. @my darling lemon thyme
    I agree, I'm especially excited for the kitchen, too! Look forward to classes/demonstrations there. It give such a lovely community feel.

  11. This place sounds amazing! I own both the Mary Poppins and the Anne of Green Gables Cookbook. Any store that has both of those has to be awesome! I love the color of the walls, too!

    Hopefully Paul will get picked for shop support when the Boeing project he's on wraps up in the next couple of years and we'll get to visit Seattle. It always sounds like such a fun place!

  12. @Lauren
    I love that you have these books, Lauren! I agree, a shop that has treasures such as these is terrific.

    I do hope you can make a trip to Seattle soon! Lots here for you to enjoy, and I'd love to take you around. :)


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