Monday, September 26, 2011

Tomato-Pomegranate Jam for Fun

This summer I fell in love with tomato jam. How had I never eaten this lush condiment before? The first time, I kept it quite simple and we appreciated the pure, concentrated tomato taste. It became a staple slathered onto sandwiches and enhanced our scrambled eggs.

Tomatoes are still ripening on our vines and since we have run out of tomato jam I decided to make a new batch. Tomato jam is versatile. You can add different spices such as cumin or ginger, mince up some onion, heat it up with chilies, sweeten it with honey or tart it up with lemon juice. You can really get creative!

As I pondered what to include in the jam, pomegranates came to mind with Rosh Hashana approaching this week. Pomegranates are coming into season and are one of the fruits we will be blessing as we celebrate the Jewish New Year. For this batch, I thought I'd use pomegranate molasses, which is pomegranate juice that has been reduced to a syrup and is a marvelous staple to keep in your kitchen. It can be found in Middle Eastern markets and specialty grocery stores. It’s terrific to use in marinades, salad dressings, cocktails and homemade sodas.

I thought the sweet-tart flavor would blend well with the tomatoes and gave it a whirl. Quite delicious! In fact, the next time I make it I may increase the amount of pomegranate molasses to let it shine even more. We enjoyed this jam with homemade ricotta cheese and thick slices of whole grain bread over the weekend. I think pairing the jam with grilled cheese sandwiches will be next. Endless possibilities to enjoy!

Tomato-Pomegranate Jam
Makes about 1 quart

4 pounds roma tomatoes, chopped (I don’t bother to peel or seed, but if you prefer a smoother jam you can do so)
1 cup brown sugar
2 teaspoons salt
1/4 cup pomegranate molasses
1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1 teaspoon coriander

Combine all the ingredients in a large saucepan. Bring to a boil, then lower heat to medium and let it simmer and bubble, stirring often, until thick and jammy (about 1 hour).

Let cool and ladle into a 1 quart jar. The jam will keep for 2 weeks in the refrigerator.


  1. Such a creative recipe! I have both tomatoes and pomegranates - and homemade pomegranate syrup - on hand right now! Might have to make this. Sounds just perfect on Grilled cheese! Shana Tova!

  2. I keep reading about tomato jam now...I hear jam and think sweet, but it sounds savory; is it like a tomato paste then?
    Also, love that you used pomegranate molasses! I had a post a while back for an eggplant dish using it. Isn't it great? Did you get the idea from Claudia Roden? LOVE her.

  3. ps, Hannah, I got this book from the library and thought of you what with our discussions about different types of sweeteners. I have to return it and didn't get a chance to try anything but wanted to mention to you!

  4. This sounds so deliciously interesting. I have never made tomato jam, but I love the idea of eating it with scrambled eggs!

  5. @katherinemartinelli
    Thank you, Katherine! Oh wow, homemade pomegranate syrup sounds divine. I'd love to try making that. I hope you enjoy the jam! Shana tova!

    I know, the first time I heard of tomato jam I wasn't sure what to think, but then I was enticed and had to try it. It's like a chunky paste, quite jam-like, with terrific concentrated flavor.

    I am a big fan of pomegranate molasses and Claudia Roden, too. Your eggplant dish sounds wonderful...I will check out your recipe.

    Thank you so much for recommending the Green Market Baking Book! I just reserved it at my library and can't wait to read it and learn more about sweetener options. :)

    Thank you, Karen! I appreciate the terrific jams you've shared on your blog. I hope you have a chance to try this one!

  8. I love your tomato jam recipe, I tried it out and it is truly wonderful, great blog

  9. There was a restaurant here in Wichita that had a sandwich that had roast beef and tomato jam. I loved it, but they took it off the menu! That actually happens to me a lot...

    I can't imagine how lovely it must be with pomegranate molasses. I'll bet it would be fabulous with grilled cheese!

  10. @Country Gourmet Traveler
    Thank you! I'm so happy you enjoyed the jam and I appreciate you stopping by.

  11. @Lauren
    Oh, very sad when a favorite dish is taken off the menu. Tomato jam is good in so many husband's favorite is with turkey.

  12. Love tomato jam too & now wondering why I never thought of adding pomegranate molasses. That stuff is amazing, with the tomato jam on top of cool creamy ricotta...delicious.

  13. @Mairi
    Thanks, Mairi! I love pomegranate molasses and am always looking for more ways to use it. It's quite versatile. I just read about adding it in vinaigrette - sounds tasty!


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